Our Services

We specialize in – bathtub, sink and tub-surround wall-tile refinishing

  • Change colour – to gloss white, bone* or almond*
  • No-slip surface – get rid of the dirty bath mat and still be safe
  • Remove rust and mildew, repair chips and holes
  • Caulking
  • Installation of chrome drain pop-up covers and over-flow covers
  • All types of tubs – acrylic, fibreglass, metal, cast iron, claw foot
  • Old cast iron laundry sinks / tubs, mop sinks and some bathroom & kitchen sinks
    * Additional charges will apply


Bathtub Refinishing and Tub Reglazing Services in Toronto

bathtub refinishing
Before you spend thousands of dollars, consider a much more affordable approach, consider Dr. Tubs Bathtub Reglazing. Located in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Tubs has been refinishing bathrooms and bringing tubs, sinks and tiles back to life all over the GTA! Our professionally trained technicians will transform the look of your bathroom in hours. Refinishing saves you money as it costs just a fraction of replacing and everything is done in hours, not days or weeks. There is no need to rip out a good tub and waste time tiling when you can get it resurfaced. Dr. Tubs’ reglazers can bring back the shine your tub and tiles used to have. Remember, don’t replace it – reglaze it!


A new tub may only cost a few hundred dollars, but when you consider the cost of hiring a contractor to demolish, remove and dispose of the tub and tiles, plus plumbing, then add in the cost of setting new tiles with the installation of the new tub, you might have an estimate of about $2000 to $3000. Refinishing the tub and/or tile surround by reglazing would be a fraction of the cost and everything will be done in less than a day.

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